Experiencia de una monitora de Eurolingua

Today is the ninth of August. My experience as a monitor in Eurolingua finished on the 31st of July.

I must say that I was a student for this company in 2006 when I went to Derry and 2007 when I traveled to Malta. I have good memories of those trips. Specially the first one, when I was twenty one. I met lot of new people and I was really excited. Furthermore, as I always say I was born to travel and teach. In Derry I practiced my English and I had a great host family. They invited me out and they even took me to the beach. Last year I met again a Polish girl who lived with me and three years ago a girl who was studying in Santiago. From my viewpoint, the best of life are experiences. I might not be rich, though I feel really happy. In 2007 I went to Malta, from there I remember beautiful beaches, hot weather and good fun.

As a student I liked being independent and I never called the monitors, even when I got lost once. My only worries at that time were having fun and passing the subjects in my degree. At that moment life was as easy as a piece of cake.

Now I am twenty eight and I went to Dublin as a leader with the same company. When they called me I didn’t pay attention or didn’t believe it and when I arrived to Santiago de Compostela I realized that I was in charge of those people. Well, at least I had experience working in the educational field. I helped people to check in and I talked with them. Suddenly, I was in Dublin sharing a flat with three more nice Turkish girls. Everybody takes for granted that this job is easy. However, students do not know half of the things that happen. You have to solve problems, deal with angry people and be always there. Of course I had lots of fun, but I was thinking all the time things as: What should I do in this case? What’s the best thing? Am I doing it right? In some days you learn how to manage and then you have a close relationship with students and those who work at school. I always was there when the school opened in order to check that everything was right. I laughed a lot during the trip and besides I met people that I had fun with and I got along with. Of course, you have to treat them all well.

My conclusion as a leader and as a student with Eurolingua is that I learned a lot with them. Firstly, how to be independent in a country abroad and secondly, how to deal with students as a monitor.

I am really satisfied to have been in both sides. I just came back and I’m saying that I want to go back to Dublin or another place. I think that I am a positive person and I forget bad things easily, it is really easy to make me happy. For sure this company has a lot to do in my personal development and it is part of my life memories.

Regards to Fatima, Javier, Eugenia, and Carlos and all of the people who I met through my way.

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